Energy Evolution

Fibonnaci Spiral - Sacred Geometry

Would you agree that EVERYTHING is energy? Have you REALLY EVER THOUGHT ABOUT IT? Most folks have not or give it superficial examination. It's something that we just take for granted, like breathing in air or our heart beating.......but if you stop for a moment and really consider that EVERYTHING is energy, it puts a whole new perspective on life, on creation, on purpose...........

Consider for a moment, the chair that I sit on is energy that is dense; the keyboard and computer that I'm working on now is dense energy. My body is dense whose vibration is slow enough to bond together to make form, organic forms and inorganic forms of energy, third dimensional dense energy. Words are energy, either positive or negative, thoughts are energy, again positive or negative.......intention is energy, EVERYTHING is energy.

Energy evolves too. Like humans, like planets, like all organic and inorganic forms......even the cockroach and the crocodile have all evolved from the time of their original form. Consider if you will the energy of the last 2200 years........most would perceive that energy to be "ancient" energy. Energy from the Piscean Age from the time of "flight and fight" survival instincts, the preceding 25,000 year cycle. Most folks during that time were in fight and flight mode - scraping a living out of the earth as best they could with the implements of their time. Many were living in constant fear, so their energy was always on "high alert". That energy is related today through our brain (the Amygdala) through our physical senses (the "ego"), and to our root chakra (our foundation energy where we perceive our sense of security with our physical form and with our place here on planet Earth - "our zone of comfort".

Many important events occurred during that period of time, most notably, the birth of Jesus, Buddha and Muhammad, all important figures in the history of the evolution of religion. There were many other gifted folks born during that time as well. These extraordinary individuals all came to anchor a new vibration upon the Earth and to all of human-kind: the vibrations of LOVE, COMPASSION, and HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS. They came to remind us of what we had forgotten - that we are not alone. Even though we are in a dense, low vibrational physical energy form, WE ARE STILL connected to GOD, Spirit, Universal Consciousness, Creator - however you choose to define or put a label on that which is greater than all of us.

But, as all things do, energy began another evolution. The Astrological Ages change about every 25,000 years. So it was time for the Piscean energy to began to wane. As one energy imprint wanes, another begins to build. Around the time of the 1700's, an evolution of energy in human form began to be born. Gifted folks who could see the energy bio-field around human bodies, saw the color of "Indigo" around these humans. Thus the term "Indigo Energy" was offered to define the evolution of the energy that was evolving not only on the planet, but in human energy as well. The biggest influx of Indigo energy was born in the 1970's. Turns out the Indigo energy is here to assist with the evolution of society and the structure of society and to prepare us for another evolution of human energy.

Think about all that has transpired since the 1700's! A notable occurrence was the birth of our nation, the United States of America, founded in freedom - freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of commerce, freedom of choice! That was a huge leap from the typical structure of governance in those days. Most countries were governed by Kings and or Queens, or Emperors, or some other label of "God-given" or conquered authority. There were distinct classes, or caste systems. Equality was not an important concept. The birth or our nation changed all that, and brought to higher consciousness the possibility of EQUALITY FOR ALL regardless of origin of birth, race, gender or age. Granted it took quite a few decades to get it right (and we're still a work in progress), but the probability now exists.

Think again of all that has evolved since the 1700's, beyond the governing arena. The fabric and structure of culture has evolved; technology was rebirthed; industry and commerce evolved; science evolved; medicine evolved; education evolved; religion evolved and most everything else has evolved. Just in my limited lifetime I've seen technology go from the invention of the TV to wireless technology! My parents who are both still alive and both nearing 100 have REALLY seen change - imagine all that has changed since the early 1900's - literally from horses to interspace travel in less than 100 years! Mind boggling!

Towards the end of the 20th century, the Aquarian Age energy began to build, replacing the Piscean energy, and in anticipation of the much discussed "12-12-12" and "12-21-12" events. Some feared the end of civilization as we know it from some catastrophic event, as had been prophesied and documented by many. That has happened historically when the 25,000 year cycles end. But those important births mentioned before, and all the intentions of heart-centered people all over the globe, over the millennia who are starting to REMEMBER who we really are, made possible an ENERGETIC SHIFT that prevented all the potential destruction. REMEMBER, thoughts and intentions are ENERGY. ENERGY can be either POSITIVE or NEGATIVE or to put it into another perspective ENERGY can be either CONSTRUCTIVE (creative) OR DESTRUCTIVE.

About 1980, 1990 another evolution of energy was noticed in the humans being birthed in those decades. Energies of much higher vibrations than the Indigo energy. That energy came in many different waves of increasingly higher vibrations. Characteristics noted in these new human energy bio-fields was described as "crystal", "rainbow", "star-seed", "transitional" and "Angels on Earth". These spiritual beings having a human experience have many special gifts to offer those of us alive today in these changing times and to those yet to come in the future. Their most special gift is that THEY REMEMBER! Their connection to GOD, Universal Consciousness, Source, Creator, (whatever the label of your paradigm) is STRONG - THEY REMEMBER. I'll talk more about these special children and young adults in my next blog.............stay tuned!

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