9 Keys To Flowing With Energy Shifts

Everything is ENERGY!

Staying with the theme of 9.................

Through the years as I've practiced Reiki and offered Reiki in sessions, I began to notice/feel higher vibrational frequencies in a few individuals. My gift in life is that I feel energy - at times I can see energy. I was familiar with the Piscean energies that have been on the planet for the last 2200 years. During the last 50 years I've become most familiar with the Indigo energy that came onto the planet starting in the 1700's with the main influx starting in the 1970's. A few trickled in prior to the 70's........I am one of those early Indigos.........more specifically I am an Indigo "bridge".......More recently, since coming to Indiana, I've been encountering more and more higher vibrational frequency energies in many of the clients that I am seeing in my Reiki practice, here at Health & Wellness of Carmel, in age groups ranging from those in their 50s down to the little ones, the newbies, here on the planet known as The University of Earth. Wondering about these higher frequencies, knowing that I was being given a gift, and wondering if I was equipped to work with and offer healing to these higher vibrational gifted humans, I asked for guidance. The guidance I received was in the form of a list of 12 books! Can you say "DOWNLOAD"!

Foremost among those authors whose books I was guided to read is Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey. Dr. Meg wrote several books starting in 2007 about these "Children of Now", the title of her first book. Following that book over the next several years came the follow up books: "Conversations With the Children of Now", "Parenting The Children of Now", and the latest update "The Children of Now EVOLUTION". If you are a parent or a grandparent with kids, grandkids or great grandkids that have been born since 1980......YOU NEED TO READ THESE BOOKS! Your adult kids need to read these books. It will help you/them understand the gifts they bring to us/humanity and challenges that these beautiful beings of light are facing in this third dimensional DENSE reality; why many of them are suffering, becoming dis-eased, AND being misdiagnosed by paradigms (educational, healthcare, medical, pharmacological) that do not fit who they are from a wholistic biological and energetic perspective.

From these books I took direction from Dr. Meg and said "show me more". The "more" became three more books by Dr. Meg about the reality of creation and how we have the ability/power/responsibility to become RESPONSIBLE CO-CREATORS of ourselves and our world/reality/planet. Her advise was to learn to BREATHE and RELAX and literally go with the flow! It's all about CHANGE now and being accepting of the change that is happening all around us, to us, to our planet, to our energy! She offers the following guides to letting go of the drama, trauma caused by all the fear of every day life that we are being inundated with from our minds, the media, and just about everything else in life these days. Here are some ideas to think about:

Acknowledge your perfection - perfect is perfect. Thinking that you're anything less is just a learned behavior. Look beyond your conditioning and BELIEVE that you're PERFECT!

Accept the journey that you're here to experience. Life your life FULLY; don't sit around and watch the show....live the show!

Maintain personal integrity. Who we choose to be has everything to do with what our life experience will turn out to be. Be true to yourself no matter what. Tell your self the TRUTH, BE HONEST, then there's nothing to hide.

Be who you are, not how you think others see you. You are a living image of creation. There's nothing to improve about yourself, and there's nothing to heal. Get to know yourself! You will love who you find!

This is the tough one..........ACCEPT YOUR POWER. True power comes from your SPIRIT, your very BEING, not your ego. True power is gentle power. To fear inner power suggests you are less than all other things. Power is of GRACE, not abusiveness, not aggressiveness. Embrace the power of your spirit, live intentionally, and be the responsible co-creator of everything that you seek.

Acknowledge your value. Your value is how you fit in your inner and outer world where you exist. You created it all. So having said that, there is nothing lesser or greater than you. When these inner and outer worlds are the same, you've found balance! Balance has everything to do with recognizing your value.

Take all the above and take it out into YOUR WORLD. To effect change you must embody it. Walk your talk, be AUTHENTIC.

Love yourself and touch everyone you encounter with LOVE! True love is a state of being, NOT an emotion. See everyone as a loving mirror of yourself. That which you judge in others are lessons to be learned within yourself. Their pain is your pain; their joy your joy. Random acts of kindness make a difference.

Remember to BREATHE & RELAX. Breathing is cleansing and nurtures you energetically. When you do not breathe because of tension, anxiety, fear, worry, doubt and all negative emotions, your energy system becomes compacted and you get more and more sluggish. So just BREATHE.

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