Increase Positive Energy in Your Home or Work Space

9 of them actually..........notice any theme here?

Everthing is Energy!

Have you ever walked into a space and have it just not feel good or it made you feel uneasy? That feeling is very real so TRUST your instincts or better yet, your GIFT! It's the vibrational energies of the space interacting with your electromagnetic (bio-field) field that is telling you to be mindful.

A home or work space that's vibrating with positive energy is one that you feel comfy in, one that you feel positive or comforted in, that inspires creativity and good conversation. it's a place you enjoy doing your favorite thing in or allows you to relax, meditate, read, energize and more!

Since a good-feeling space is not a vibrational match to negative feeling frequencies, you'll be less likely to have arguments, sadness or even uneasy feelings in a space that's been energetically cleared and tended to.

Here are some ideas that you can use to "clear" your space and provide more positive uplifting energies within that space:

1. Open your windows and doors - for a few minutes to clean stagnant air out. Natural air is cleansing! Obviously in summer/winter you can't leave them open, but a few minutes removes stagnant air out of your space.

2. Clear the clutter - do some physical cleaning. Put things away or if not used in some time (a year or longer), donate them or throw them out! This doesn't include mementos or things that give you comfort or good memories, just the JUNK. Dust and clutter are energy blocks and prevent energy from flowing freely in your space.

3. If you aren't sensitive to smells, use sage or a pleasant light incense (specifically Nag Champra) or diffuse an essential oil (like Citrus Blend, Relaxation, Joy or Thieves) to "clear" negative energy out of a room. Doing this weekly or as needed for any charged emotional situations that might come up will clear this energy out of your space. Incense burns slowly, so blow the flame out softly after it has burned a moment or two. The smoke is what clears the space. The same with Sage. Be sure not to use a large flame with the Sage, or it might set off your smoke detectors!

My favorite "go to" space clearing method is to use Epsom salt and 90 proof rubbing alcohol. Both are available at your local pharmacy or grocery. Use two cups of Epsom salt to one cup of 90 proof rubbing alcohol in a small metal bowl that has been lined with heavy aluminum foil. Then place this bowl with contents into a larger metal bowl. Place the bowl in the middle of your space to clear. Ignite a long stemmed gas lighter and briefly hold over the rubbing alcohol, Epsom salt mixture to ignite the flame. The flame will burn brightly without a lot of heat. Common sense tells you to stay with the flame until it burns out (about 10 to 15 minutes). This will not set off any heat or smoke detectors as the flame does not generate that much heat but clears the air of ALL NEGATIVE ENERGY quickly. You will be able to feel the difference!

4. Sound clearing - you can use anything that is pleasing to the ears. NO! NOT head banging music! Sound is better without the words as words carry energy that is not always positive. Solfeggio music (, healing music or food for the brain ( are recommended. Tuning forks, Tingshas, crystal bowls, or any high vibrational positive frequency sounds are healing and clearing. See my website to understand more about this topic.

5. Crystals - crystals raise the vibration of any space they are in. Their high vibration entrains the body to raise its frequency, promoting health and balance. Depending on what energy you are trying to raise or clear will determine what crystal to use around your home or work space. Caution: too many crystals placed together creates "crystal chaos", too many frequencies in the same space. So, be sparing, don't overload your space especially your bedroom. Use your intuition! With "in-sight" you will know what crystals to use. If not, ask me - I can assist or see my website at .

6. Crystal Grids - placing crystal grids in strategic spots in the home or work space can organize and structure the energy around your space to manifest whatever your intention (come and see the grids in my healing space at Health & Wellness of Carmel or see them on my website at ) . Using them with sacred geometry beneath them is magnifying the intention/energy that you create. Let me know if you want to learn more about this topic. A simple grid is to take four clear quartz points and put one in each corner facing inward towards the center of the room. They then "communicate" with each other the intention that you set with them.

7. Himalayan salt lamps - nature's air purifier. Himalayan salt lamps and diffusers, when combined with lights (low wattage) release negative ions into the air. Negative ions attract air pollutants (allergens and pathogens). They keep your air purified! Use them generously throughout your home or work space. They can be purchased from me ( I use Aloha Bay lamps - directly imported from free-trade sustainable cottage industries in Nepal and Tibet); from Bed Bath Beyond and sometimes from TJ Maxx.

8. Essential Oils - used in diffusers or candles can provide healing and relaxing fragrant frequencies into the air. Use sparingly as too much will manifest reactions in sensitive people. For more on this topic see my website at .

9. Feng Shui - is the art/science of energy flow within a confined space (your room, your home, a building). It combines the elements (air, water, fire, wood metal, earth) to balance energy and create positive flow of energy in that space. Blockage of energy flow in a confined space creates energy imbalance or blocks energy flow. Windows, doors, mirrors, furniture, the direction and placement of rooms and homes on the earth all play a part in energy flow. I am not an expert on this subject, so I use reference books to help me out with this topic. I am happy to share them or we can find an expert close and convenient to you

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