2016 = the year of 9 = COMPLETION

As a student of energy, realizing that ALL IS ENERGY, it's equally important to understand the energy behind numbers too. The year 2016, when the numbers that make up the date are added together, equals nine. Nine is the number of COMPLETION. So this year, 2016 is all about COMPLETION, CONSOLIDATION and CELEBRATION. The energy that we are facing as BEINGS OF ENERGY in human form, in this year, has to do with whatever we set into motion back in 2008. 2008 was the Universal 1 year. Life moves in nine-year cycles, so 2016 is the closing of the circle and the cycle that we began back in 2008. What seeds did you plant in 2008, what ideas, dreams, visions for yourself and your future did you plant then? What have you been working consistently on in your visions since then?

2016 is also a year that asks us to let go, be flexible and release, release, release. We are learning first hand how the universal flow and cycle works. It is a year to drop your controlling ways and learn to trust that the universe works with you and always has your highest ideals and interests in mind.

In addition to the Universal Year, each person, when born, comes into this life with their own set of vibrations or frequencies, according to their name and their birth date.

DESTINY Number: Write out your complete birth name. Using the numbers 1-9, then listing the alphabet below those numbers, to the end of the alphabet, gives you the Grid to figure out your Destiny Number. Pick out each letter in your name and find the number that it is associated with on the Grid. Add all the numbers up and this gives you your DESTINY NUMBER. You can then use any numerology reference guide to figure out what your destiny number means.

LIFE PATH Number: add up all the numbers in your birth date. If the total comes to a single digit then that is your Life Path number. If the total comes to a double digit number, you have several choices. If the two numbers are not MASTER NUMBERS (11,22,33,44,55 ETC) you can add the two numbers together to get your Life Path number. If the double digit is a MASTER Number you have two possibilities or choices: use the Master Number, or use the sum of the two numbers as you Life Path number.

MASTER Numbers: Energy is amplified in Master Numbers! If you choose to use the Master Number as your Life Path number you will be called to live up to the demands of the master number energy. If you want to push yourself, prove your worth, make a global difference and move through lots of lessons in one lifetime, choose the Master Number as your Life Path number. But be sure to look up the significance of both numbers (master and total) as both energies will have an influence on your life.

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