Reiki for Animals

You don't DO REIKI TO animals - you BE REIKI WITH animals!


Yes, REALLY!!! Our pets, farm animals. and those in the wild also can act as our guides and mentors to ground us to Earth and to facilitate the inherent healing of which we are all capable. Providing Reiki to the animal kingdom is an equally important opportunity for balancing and healing ourselves and our planet. Animals are naturally attuned to energy.


Many Reiki practitioners  choose not only to provide Reiki healing for their pets, farm animals and other animals that have come to them for physical and emotional healing, but to attune them as teachers to facilitate healing not only themselves, but other humans and animals as well.  Animals choose whether or not they want attunement. 


Reiki is used to relieve stress, promote relaxation, balance behavioral issues, heal emotional issues, and facilitate a peaceful, compassionate life transition.  Healing occurs not only to the animal but often to the animal's person(s) and the situation surrounding the healing, if needed.

To learn this amazing Reiki technique from the best, I offer a referral to Kathleen Prasad, Reiki Master and real life "animal whisperer".  Kathleen is the leading expert on allowing animals to heal us as well as the techniques for establishing a safe healing relationship with most domesticated animals whether pets or shelter animals, as well as zoo animals and sometimes animals in the wild.

For further information please use this link to "Animal Reiki Source" Kathleen's website.