Medicinal grade, therapeutic,  steam distilled or cold pressed essential oils by Young Living.  These essential oils can be used in your diffuser, dabbed on your body, inhaled or used in your favorite recipes!

As an essential oil distrubutor and personal user for over 12 years, I've yet to find a better quality or higher grade of oil  AND they keep expanding their varieties! 
learn the uses of essential oils from homeopathic to food preparation. Essential oils take you back to the natural way to dis-ease prevention, life enhancement and much much more.
Essential oils can benefit the body in several ways: enhance mood, support overall wellness and wellbeing, maintain healthy body systems, and promote relaxation, and can even be sued to enhance the flavors of your favorite foods.
Depending on the needs of the client, I use essential oils in my Reiki sessions and sound therapy  sessions  to set the tone and mood of the treatment.
To order YL Essential Oils call me at 317-645-8185 or go to my YL website: