Utilizing crystal therapy as a stand alone session or as a compliment to your Reiki session provides additional balancing and healing to not only your physical body but to your etheric and auric bodies as well.  Dis-ease actually starts in your etheric and auric bodies, BEFORE it manifests in your physical body!  By utilizing the crystal's inherent balancing & healing vibrational frequencies, the body becomes entrained to the higher vibration to facilitate its natural capacity to heal and balance itself.  

"Chakra" is a Sanskrit term that means “wheel” or “vortex.” The chakras are nonphysical centers of spinning energy located in the energy field at the spine and other parts of the body. The human energy field, or aura, is a reflection of the combined frequencies of the chakras. Most illness is characterized by blockage in the various channels in the body.  Utilizing vibrational therapies such as crystal healing, clears and balances these channels and eliminates dis-ease and restores the body's natural ability to heal and balance itself.

The use of crystal grids in your home or work space allows not only your body to continue receiving the healing vibrations, but also allows the intention set for the grid to be manifest.
To the left are the Abundance & Prosperity Grid, the World Peace Grid and the Healing Grid.